eldllexinstall /?

ELDLLExInstall V01.00.00cpp Joe Richards (joe@joeware.net) July 2004

 ELDLLExInstall sourcename eventlog [OPTIONS]

   sourcename  Your sourcename
   eventlog    Which eventlog your Source is int

     /remove   Remove source from eventlog

    ELDLLExInstall joeware system
      Add joeware source to system eventlog

    ELDLLExInstall joeware system /remove
      Remove joeware source from system eventlog

  Categories defined
    1 - Informational
    2 - Warning
    3 - Error
    4 - Fatal Error
    5 - Notify
    6 - Log Entry

  Events defined
      1 - %1
      2 - %1
     .. - %1
     99 - %1
    100 - %1 Started
    101 - %1 Stopped
    102 - %1 Completed
    103 - %1 Completed in Error
    104 - FAILED TO COMPLETE: %1
    105 - ERROR: %1
    200 - %1
    201 - %1
    202 - %1
    ... - %1
    499 - %1

    This is exactly the same as the ELDLL system except that
    it uses two DLLs instead of one. This way the categories are
    separate from the messages. What this buys you is that you can
    use message IDs 1-99 where you couldn't before. The cost however
    is having to have two DLLs. This is something for someone who has
    prexisting scripts and such writing events to message ID 1.

    This is intended to be used with logevent from the resource
    kit which allows you to stamp the event logs of a machine with
    with a given event. Usually when you do that you get the
    annoying message "The Description for [blah] cannot be found.

    With these DLLs and install program you can define your own event
    sources and have real looking event messages

  LogEvent examples

    logevent -s I -c 1 -r joeware -E 100 "Auto SP2 Upgrade"
      Logs information level (-s I) Informational Category (-c 1)
      eventID 100 (-E 100) using joeware source and %1 string is
      Auto SP2 Upgrade.

    logevent logevent -s E -c 4 -r joeware -E 300 "Major FUBAR!"
      Logs error(-s E) Fatal Error Category (-c 4) event
      ID 300 (-E 300) using joeware source and %1 string is
      Major Fubar.

 This software is Freeware. Use it as you wish at your own risk.
 If you have improvement ideas, bugs, or just wish to say Hi, I
 receive email 24x7 and read it in a semi-regular timeframe.
 You can usually find me at joe@joeware.net