FindNBT Usage

findnbt /?

FindNBT V01.02.00cpp Joe Richards ( November 2002

 FindNBT (-ip ipaddress | -start startaddress -end endaddress) [switches]

   ipaddress     Single IP address to scan
   startaddress  Start of IP Range to scan
   endaddress    End of IP Range to scan

  Switches: (designated by - or /)
   -w            Ping timeout - default 20ms.
   -np           No Ping, just ask for the info; could be very slow
   -nf           Do not write output file
   -f [filename] Write output file (default)
   -csv [filename] Write CSV file
   -h            This screen
   -?            This screen

    findnbt -start -end
      Normal scan

    findnbt -start -end -csv
      Normal Scan, create CSV file w/ default name

    findnbt -start -end -w 200 -csv bob.csv
      Scan with 200ms timeout for ping, create CSV file bob.csv

 This software is Freeware. Use it as you wish at your own risk.
 If you have improvement ideas, bugs, or just wish to say Hi, I
 receive email 24x7 and read it in a semi-regular timeframe.
 You can usually find me at