MachinePwd Usage

MachinePwd /?

MachinePwd V01.00.00cpp Joe Richards (  June 2012

Usage: MachinePwd [options]

   /setpwd:xx     Set password to xx, if xx not specified, use default.
   /updatepwd     Initiate LSA Password update.
   /forcescreset  Forces secure channel reset.
   /fix           setpwd combined with updatepwd.

 NOTES: This tool resets the local copy of the machine account password. If
        you encounter a trust failure for a machine, reset the password in
        the domain for the computer account via ADUC (dsa.msc) by selecting
        tasks, reset account, or via some other tool to the machine name in
        lowercase. So for a machine named JOECOOL, the default machine password
        is joecool. You can use adfind/admod to reset a machine password in AD
        with the following command sequence (all one line):
           adfind -default -f samaccountname=machinename$ -adcsv name |
                                          admod -optenc unicodepwd::{{name:_lc}}

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