A DLL that contains basic resource info for customized event logging. 


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Current Version

Version 1.00.0 - February 17, 2002

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Security Requirements

Requires administrator rights to install and register.


C++. Compiled with Borland Builder 6.0

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Have you ever used logevent and then gotten a little uptight because the event description is less than nice. I mean come on, you get this nasty message that looks like

The description for Event ID ( 300 ) in Source ( joeware ) cannot be found. The local computer may not have the necessary registry information or message DLL files to display messages from a remote computer. The following information is part of the event:

And then whatever text you wanted displayed.

Like I said, quite annoying. Well I started a while back just creating my own source dll files so it hasn't been any big issue to me. However other people who don't know enough about compiling resources are still having an issue and sometimes I just don't want to create a new source dll so I made this handy dandy generic ELDLL.DLL which you can use for you own purposes. I placed a couple of categories and events I use myself on a regular basis, plus I added 300 generic eventid's so you can use whatever messages with whatever eventid's (as long as they are between 200-499) you would like so you can sort and such.

There are two pieces. The Install EXE and the DLL. The DLL is all you really need if you know what kind of registry entries you need. Play with it and you will soon see what I mean.


You do not have to supply the email address. I would like you to fill that in though so that I have an idea on how popular a tool really is. If I see 1000 downloads with 900 different email addresses I know it is more widespread than one that has 1000 downloads and 200 different email addresses because the same person needed to keep downloading it for some reason.

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    Download and type eldllinstall /? for basic usage

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