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the up front, open, and honest warranty policy

There is no warranty on the joeware utilities. I don't guarantee them to do anything.

Further I do not guarantee that any of the utilities will be available for any given period of time nor that they will receive updates. Use of the utilities on your part does not imply any responsibility on my part. Basically the utilities are all "AS IS" with no warranties and use of them does not imply, bestow, nor confer any rights.

The utilities may work perfectly, they may do nothing, they may burn up your computer, they may scratch the paint on your car. Generally they work very well at the things they are supposed to do and they have done so for thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people around the world. But a utility working ten thousand times for one thousand other people doesn't mean it will work even once for you.


This means you have a responsibility to TEST the utilities to see if they do what you expect in the way you expect it. If they don't, don't expect me to drop everything and figure out why it doesn't work for you. Even if a utility worked in your test lab and you promised your CEO it would work perfectly in production and now she is calling you every 10 minutes saying you will be fired do not expect me to drop everything... You can send me an email, I will look at it when I get a chance (assuming a spam filter doesn't get it) and I will respond or not on my timeline. I tend to help everyone that emails me but there is no guarantee there either, it all depends on how much time I have to spend on the problem and what I determine the problem is. If you would like to work hard at persuading me to look at something, a $25,000 Pay Pal donation would be looked upon in a favorable light - but still wouldn't guarantee that I will solve your problem, it would, however, persuade me to look into it.

The astute will realize that I have quickly and quite specifically stated the warranty you get with almost any software you buy from anyone ever. There is never any guarantee of usability. Don't believe me, really read those EULAs you normally skip past when installing applications.



the up front, open, and honest license policy

You are licensed the right to use the software on your own or your company's computer systems.

You are not licensed to distribute this software to other companies or users. The other users and companies can download it on their own just like you did. If you absolutely need the right to distribute joeware utilities please contact me directly to get information on possible distribution licensing costs and guidelines. There will not automatically be a cost, it depends on the specific details of the distribution but if you are a for-profit organization, seems only fair to pay me if you need to use my utilities for your product - contact me.

VP of Customer Service