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frequently asked questions

Q: What kind of warranty does joeware have?
A: The joeware up front, open, and honest warranty - here.


Q: How do I get the source code for one or more of the utilities?
A: The source code is not available.


Q: No seriously, I really really really want and/or need the source code, how do I get the source code for one or more of the utilities?
A: Seriously, the source code is not available.


Q: In order for my company or government organization or military branch to use your software, we must have the source code to analyze for possible security issues and/or the source code needs to be put into third party escrow. How do we arrange that?
A: I have two responses to this depending on how much money you have. 1) Send me a cashier's check for $10,000,000 USD and I will comply  2) If you don't have that much money, too bad, don't use my software. Yes I am serious.


Q: My company / organization doesn't allow us to use freeware, do you sell these utilities as well?
A: If someone would like to pay, I am willing to accept the money. The warranty doesn't change but if enough currency is provided I may consider sharing a special higher priority email address I have for folks who respect the work I have put into the utilities and have sent me a sizeable honorarium for my troubles.


Q: For the military and government customers... Are you an American Citizen and is joeware based in the United States?
A: Yes to both, I am based in SE Michigan, born in Northern Lower Michigan on the west side of the state somewhere between Grand Rapids and Traverse City.


Q: Can I use your utilities on my CD or install package or within my application or ???
A: They can be used for non-profit and FREE educational purposes. If you want to use them in a some package that you make money on, email me and we will try to work something out. Even if you place them in non-profit or education products let me know so I can keep that usage in mind.


Q: You haven't updated utility ABC in XYZ months, when can I expect an update?
A: Could be tomorrow, could be never. I don't guarantee that I will continue updating, let alone offering any given utility. The more popular a utility is, the more "likely" I will be to maintain it, but that again, isn't a guarantee.


Q: I would like to report a bug in one of your utilities, how do I do that and what is the turn around time?
Please write up the issue as clearly as possible with snippets from the output to indicate what is wrong and what you expected. Once you have it written up sufficiently, please email my support email address with the information. As the warranty says, I do not guarantee that I will make the utility work to your expectations. If I truly feel the problem is a bug, there is a good chance that I will correct it if it is feasible for me to do so.


Q: I would like to request changes to an application, how do I do that and what is the turn around time?
A: Same as the bug answer.


Q: Do you have a single zip file with all of the tools in it? Will you do it in the future?
A: Nope. Nope. I track popularlity/usage of the tools by the downloads.


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