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active directory fourth edition

Yep, I am a published author... What does that mean, it means I was insane and spent a good portion of a summer (in 2005) as a complete social recluse. Writing books is not an easy task, it is a lonely task...  And writing technical books is not a lucrative task. I am glad to have gotten the chance to help the book and the community but not sure how fast I would do it again.

My general opinion now is that people who have the ability to make money otherwise, don't write books... That can be the answer any time you ask the question, how come there isn't a good book about XXXX where XXXX is whatever topic you can't find a good book for. If you find a good book, it is good odds the author did it for a reason other than money.

I actually was the author of the Third Edition of O'Reilly's Active Directory. That book came out in 2006, it has since been updated to the Fourth Edition by my friend Brian Desmond and I am happy to say I was still involved by being the primary technical reviewer in order to keep Brian honest. ;o)


You can get a link to the book on Amazon and my other book recommendations here.

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