A DLL that contains basic resource info for customized event logging. This is similar to ELDLL except it is broken into 2 DLLs so you can use message IDs below 200.


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Current Version

Version 1.00.0 - February 17, 2002

Modification(s) from previous version

Security Requirements

Requires administrator rights to install and register.


C++. Compiled with Borland Builder 6.0

Source Code Availability



This is identical to ELDLL only it uses two DLLs instead of one. This is so that categories and messages can be broken out separately. This is handy when say you have pre-existing scripts and such that use logevent with all defaults and it slaps messages at message id 1. With the original ELDLL what would happen is that that ID is considered a category and anything you specified would get overwritten with the category.

This set of DLLs will allow you to get by that but again, it has to be two DLLs.



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    Download and type eldllexinstall /? for basic usage

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